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Ecooking Vertical Multifunctional Kitchen

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Italian company Clei produces unique and luxurious transforming furniture. The company celebrated 50th anniversary this year and marked it with new innovative technologies and ideas for further development.

Ecooking Vertical Multifunctional Kitchen from Clei

Ecooking vertical kitchen designed by architect Massimo Massimo Facchinetti for Clei

Ecooking vertical kitchen designed by architect Massimo Massimo Facchinetti for Clei

Clei company was formed in 1963 with a certain tendency to create something new in the field of systems and convertible furniture design. And over time it became a specialist in the field of space management and interior design. Now Clei offers a variety of multipurpose innovative products with high technological content, which can meet the growing demands of the market, creating a universal solution for home, combining comfortable accommodation and business office.

With this philosophy of design based on creativity and innovation Clei multiplies the value of space and practically widens space in the living and children’s rooms.

In honor of its anniversary Clei introduced two highly innovative concepts:

– Ecooking designed by architect Massimo Massimo Facchinetti

– Elastic Living, six rooms in one designed by architect Angelo Roventa

The Ecooking kitchen caused excitement among public on 2013 Milan Furniture Fair. Ecooking kitchen-tower was created by Italian designer and architect from Bergamo Massimo Facchinetti for Clei specifically for Milan exhibition. Ecooking kitchen is a vertical stainless steel construction consisting of removable units. Each module performs its function and can be moved around the perimeter of the kitchen.

The top module contains a hood with adjustable backlighting. Besides this module includes an air purifier running on titanium dioxide nanomaterial. The lower “floor” contains blocks with a microwave and coffee maker. Below there is a block with a dishwasher on one side and a mini kitchen garden on the other. On the lower level there is a worktop and a hob with four burners, which cover the sink with a folding crane. The “ground floor” contains a large module with a fridge. At the back of this module there is hidden plumbing layout, providing water supply and drain.

Ecooking is a highly functional vertical kitchen, which not only saves space, but also saves energy due to modules’ proximity and solar power. A small built-in garden provides fresh vitamins to the table. The water coming out of the sink is filtered and is passed into the dishwasher. Filtered, out of the washer water it passes on to water the plants.

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