• Floating Sofa Collection by Karim Rashid

    This amazing float sofa is a new furniture piece by Karim Rashid, that was made exclusively for those who enjoy his awesome furniture designs. DIY Wall Decor

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  • DIY Wall Decor

    If you have walls that are divinely empty, you might consider using some ornaments to decorate them. This post will introduce you to the wall décor that can be DIY. DIY Wall Decor

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  • Tambour Table: To Keep Everything In Order

    Are you just tired of creating mess on your working table, with all the cords, food remains, and other useless elements? Then, perhaps you should consider this amazing Tambour Table, that promises to keep everything in order. Tambour Table

  • Terfen Upside Down House

    Located in Terfen, an Austrian village the upside down house draws much attention on itself. Fully equipped with different appliances, the house features everything upside down. Terfen Upside Down House

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  • DIY Interior Renovation

    Everyone gets tired of the interior designs that have been present at one’s place for it seems a whole eternity. DIY Interior Renovation

  • Indoor Gardening Ideas

    Limited space capacity has provoked many creative ideas on including the greenery into ones’ life. This post will introduce you to indoor gardening design ideas, that will ultimately change the whole outlook of your inner living space. Indoor Gardening

  • Antique Swiss Chalet Renovation

    An amazing antique Swiss Chalet is experiencing rebirth in a whole new style. Located in Swiss Alps, this amazing chalet has transformed into creative renovation recently. Swiss Chalet Renovation

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  • Paper Art in Interior Design

    Paper Art can become an awesome and creative element of interior décor. Despite a great variety of this amazing form of art, they all share certain characteristics in common. Paper Art In Interior Design

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  • Dream House in Outer Space: Moon Villa

    Are you dreamer that always wanted to visit the outer space? Then this post will introduce you to the awesome moon villa, a concept design introducing an amazing spherical lunar home. Moon Villa

  • New London Office of Google Corporation

    Internationally famous Google corporation has launched the opening of their new London office. The interior design of this building is modern, yet with a touch of Google personality. Check out their amazing new campus. London Google Campus

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  • Awesome Lamp Designs

    Creating a needed atmosphere is often achieved by a certain light effects, and in this mostly achieved by some awesome lamp designs. This post will tell you all you need to know about these awesome lamps! Awesome Lamp Design

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  • Jekyll & Hyde Unusual Chairs

    These chairs are surprising in many ways, and firstly they are from a mysterious Jekyll and Hyde collection. They portray the different aspects of the human being, the dark and light sides of the soul. Jekyll&Hyde Chairs

  • Ocean Robot Cleaner

    An amazing eco friendly gadget was introduced recently by Hsu Sean, who designed the concept of the Bio Cleaner, gigantic ocean robot cleaner. In this post, you will learn all you need to know about this amazing gadget. Ocean Robot Cleaner

  • Dinner Table Décorating Tips

    Preparing for a great feast at your house? Then perhaps you were thinking about table décor? Here are some decoration tips for you party dinner table. Dinner Table Decorating tips

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  • Eco-friendly Hobbit House

    For any of the Lord of the Rings trilogy fans, this is an ultimate retreat: Earthen Hobbit House. This is an actual house handmade and in the earth, featuring environmentally friendly interior design. Eco-friendly Woodland House

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  • The Coolest iPod & iPhone Dock Designs

    The iPod and iPhone are becoming an essential element in our everyday life. However, we don’t have yet the sleek and modern equipment to store these comfort items. Introducing the most coolest and awesome iPod and iPhone dock designs. iPod&iPhone Docks

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  • Peaceful Clarity Bathroom by Renato Gschwend

    The constant battle between the exterior and interior has been postponed by the winning Peaceful Clarity bathroom by Renato Gschwend, where he combined the beauty of the nature in the small confinement of the bathroom. Peaceful Clarity Bathroom

  • Awesome Double Decker Convertible Home

    A common view in some European countries a double decker bus can be easily converted into a fully equipped house. Check out how the most obvious double decker street transport is transformed into an awesome convertible home. Double Decker Bus Home

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  • Most Insane Wine Glassware

    Wine glasses are known for its traditional bell like shapes; however some artist enthusiasts make wine glass designs to a whole new level. Insane Wine Glasses

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