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Dream House in Outer Space: Moon Villa

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Are you dreamer that always wanted to visit the outer space? Then this post will introduce you to the awesome moon villa, a concept design introducing an amazing spherical lunar home.

Moon Villa

Spherical Lunar Home

The outer space is no longer off limits for our kind. Royal Haskoning Architecten has built an awesome alternative to the earth bound building. Introducint the spherical lunar house, for all those romantics that dream about outer space. The spherical design of the house has been thought over for many decades and proves to be the ultimate form.

This spherical house features a split level, stairless configuration that allows a dweller to leap onto different levels with a help of zero gravity. The sphere, as good choice of the outer space building is because it provides a wonderful view, since there is not opportunity just to go outside and breathe some fresh air.

Moon Villa

The spherical house functions on a solar power, with an underground bunker for more serios weather extremes. Mostly, the interior of the lunar house is very alike the earth house, except that it is designed for the lunar surface exclusively. Featuring many sphere-like objects inside the house it also provide the modern appliances and comfort that we are so used to.

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  1. Bob Says:

    1. There is no “zero gravity” on the moon – just 1/6 of Earth’s gravity.

    2. What kind of “more serious weather extremes” are you expecting on the moon, with no atmosphere?

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