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Peaceful Clarity Bathroom by Renato Gschwend

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The constant battle between the exterior and interior has been postponed by the winning Peaceful Clarity bathroom by Renato Gschwend, where he combined the beauty of the nature in the small confinement of the bathroom.

IPeaceful Clarity Bathroom

Inside out Bathroom Design

The paradise bathroom is relevantly small, featuring predominantly grey walls with little hues of green, black and light brown. What is mostly unique about this bathroom is that it is not very conventional. In fact, its appearance is startling and appealing at the same time. Coming in mostly dark colors, it manages to create a sense of peace and comfort within its walls.

Designed exclusively by Renato Gschwend, this bathroom is bringing the exterior world of natural elements inside ones’ house. It has a little tile pathway, that seems to be the only light spot in the whole interior. The tiles are bordered by grass, and the floor is covered in little pebbles that massage your feet as you walk on them.

This bathroom consists of the rain shower, which features the sitting place, in case you get tired of standing. The C shaped shower cabin is not restricted to glass or plastic, but don’t you worry about the water. It can sprinkle the pebbles, and this is fine, because it is designed especially for these purposes. Right across the shower, there is a wooden sink, which has shower like tap. This tap can provide your legs and hands shower experience without being too obnoxious.

And lastly, the big black weird thing is the fireplace, in case you get too cold and natural in your Peaceful Clarity Bathroom. Now, before you get too excited about this ecologically sound and wonderful bathroom let’s be clear about it: it is just a concept yet. However, let’s hope that soon enough we will see this beauty displayed on some Designer week exhibition.

Check out this bathroom paradise by Gschwend:

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