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Awesome Double Decker Convertible Home

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A common view in some European countries a double decker bus can be easily converted into a fully equipped house. Check out how the most obvious double decker street transport is transformed into an awesome convertible home.

Double Decker Bus Home

Portable Community Space

Aristide Antonas, a Greek professor that is standing behind this double decker convertible home, used the ancient Greek approaches to designs. He invented a mobile masterpiece, using the recycled materials. After the double-decker bus got retired , it got the second chance for life as a portable commuting community space. This amazing double decker now has seven beds, a living space area,and a restroom.

The awesome part of this project is that it can be easily transformed into a living space by ordinary untrained people. The space allows for several people do be inhabiting this double decker convertible housing unit on wheels. Professor Antonas is exploiting an old principle of green interior design, the recycling. Instead of constructing a new building, he made one from the already expired object.

Inspired by recycling and modernism ideas, Antonas created an awesome alternative to hotels and other expensive accommodations for professionals on the road. Using simple designs and used objects, he made a wonderful contribution to nature and society.

Check out Portable Community Space:

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