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Paper Art in Interior Design

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Paper Art can become an awesome and creative element of interior décor. Despite a great variety of this amazing form of art, they all share certain characteristics in common. Learn all you need to know about this amazing paper art in interior design.

Paper Art

Paper Art Ideas

Paper art can vary significantly, ranging from classic Japanese origami tradition, which exists since the creation of paper itself; to new forms of art, such as quilling and book carving, scalpel-cut miniature landscapes, and much more. One of the modern waves of the paper art is book carving, which can be seen as big art installation or small carved pictures, which are held under the transparent cube.

If you are one of these folks that feel sorry for the book, don’t get too emotional, these books are old and most certainly were in bad condition and book carving gave them a second life in an art form. Carving books, as mentioned earlier can be very creative, from large landscapes to miniature that caught single episode art.

The paper art can be brilliantly incorporated into interior design, by making art installation inside your own house! Depending on the size of the paper art installation, it can be placed in different places, such as coffee tables, or even corners. However, one of the popular places for paper art is the wall decor, in little frames. However you want to display the awesome paper art, it would always be a wonderful and artistic contribution to your interior design.

Discover Amazing Paper Art Designs

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