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Wabi Sabi – Japanese Interior Decorating

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The Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi is based on the idea of beauty of imperfection. This old complicated concept comes from Zen Buddhism thus sharing its characteristics like austerity and communication with nature. Wabi Sabi is all about assymetry, modesty, and simplicity.

Wabi Sabi In Interior Decorating


Since Wabi Sabi isn’t exactly a decorating style it’s quite difficult to say for sure what colors you should use while creating a color scheme for your interior. But one thing’s for certain, nature plays an important role in Wabi Sabi so sticking with earthly tones like brown, greem, and grey is the best way to go.

As for furniture, choose the unfinished, rough edges and imperfect shapes, worn pieces will also fit perfectly with the Wabi Sabi concept. Natural fabrics would look organically in such interior as would handmade accessories made of natural stone or wood. On the whole Wabi Sabi looks similar to the rustic style but with more austerity to it. Simplicity and lots of free space are the key to staying away from rustic style.

One of Wabi Sabi key characteristics is the economy. There is no need for the expensive things. In some way Wabi Sabi requires you to refuse them in favor of simpler things. There is no need for designer pieces as well. Anything handmade and with traces of history and use is much more valuable. But don’t get carried away and overdecorate either. Economy, austerity, and simplicity are the basics of Wabi Sabi.


Wabi Sabi is ideal for people who like simplicity. It is a sincere and intimate aesthetic for someone searching for tranquility more than style.

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