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Floating Sofa Collection by Karim Rashid

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This amazing float sofa is a new furniture piece by Karim Rashid, that was made exclusively for those who enjoy his awesome furniture designs. Check out this amazing sofa collection, presented just recently.

Floating Sofa

Awesome sofa collection

Karim Rashid is a renowned designer that is known for such furniture collection as Matreshka Nesting furniture and Woopy Armchair and Bar Stool. His new masterpiece presented recently in Milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile, is a floating sofa collection, which consists of several sofa types. They vary by size, coloring and overall design. However, they bear resemblance to the original sofa. The collection offers two low back sofas, one sofa with a higher back.

The famous designer, Karim Rashid has made his floating sofa collection for a Spanish- based furniture company Sancal. Every piece has its own individuality and charm. It presents multi colored sofa designs, which come in bold and extravagant designs. Reminiscent of the cartoon like seventies designs, the floating sofa have the winning retro look.

The sofas differ by size and color, as mentioned earlier. The higher back sofa can even be a room divider. The sofa design can be suitable to different interiors, but mostly to modern and hip interior designs.

Discover new floating sofa by Karim Rashid

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