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Indoor Gardening Ideas

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Limited space capacity has provoked many creative ideas on including the greenery into ones’ life. This post will introduce you to indoor gardening design ideas, that will ultimately change the whole outlook of your inner living space.

Indoor Gardening

Greenery inside: Tips to bring green to interior

The small capacities of our apartments force us to be careful about space arranging. However, green has always been a loyal companion in our lives. Gardening now has evolved in many different types, and styles. As we remember, there is always an option for green wall gardening, it doesn’t have to cover the whole wall, just a bit of green will significantly change the whole interior.

To underline the significance of green in your interior, it is always a good idea to use white background against it. Using a collection of small planters in your room will also add some atmosphere and depth of a grand garden in a limited space. Making use of creative planters is also an option to make a statement in your personal garden. There are tons of companies that provide this opportunity, and we have discussed some of them, such as Porcelain Planters Designs, and many other.

There is also an option of creating a green table decor, that can become a centerpiece in your interior. Like in the post about miniature water garden, this small table garden can be DIY. Succulent plants are of a great significance in this center pieces. They give your creativity a space to imagine, as you arrange the plants on a simple white dish, adding rocks, shells and even dry branches to the whole composition.

Always a great option is to use transparent planters, such as glass bowls or terrariums. Once confined to the closed pre-school science projects, terrariums are gaining their popularity very rapidly. To achieve a stupefying and dramatic effect, try clustering your transparent planters or even hanging them at different levels.

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