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Ocean Robot Cleaner

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An amazing eco friendly gadget was introduced recently by Hsu Sean, who designed the concept of the Bio Cleaner, gigantic ocean robot cleaner. In this post, you will learn all you need to know about this amazing gadget.

Ocean Robot Cleaner

Bio-cleaner for oceans

This UFO shaped bio-cleaners are designed specifically for sea and ocean cleaning from its most devastating enemy, petroleum. Hsu Sean, creator behind this awesome idea, was very concerned about the ocean wellbeing, and this gadget will hopefully be incorporated in ecological activity.

Ocean Robot Cleaner

The mechanism of this bio-cleaner seems to be pretty easy, as the gadgets contain the bacteria that degrades the oil into something less harmful. There is also an internal pump that separates oil from water, and the radar that identifies the source of pollution. As for the safety for water inhabitants, be sure that they won’t get hurt, because the special acoustic wave is sending signals down its way to shun them away.

Ocean Robot Cleaner

Needless to say, that this ecological gadget is powered by ocean energy, being on the H2O battery. Well, unfortunately this brilliant idea have been launched and used widely across the ocean. Let’s hope for the best of the sea creatures and ocean eco-spheres.

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