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Awesome Lamp Designs

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Creating a needed atmosphere is often achieved by a certain light effects, and in this mostly achieved by some awesome lamp designs. This post will tell you all you need to know about these awesome lamps!

awesome Lamp Design

Lamp in interior Designs

Lighting decorating is an important step in creating a certain mood and can significantly boost your interior design. Decorating the room with specific lamp designs can accent the interior design, or it can make it a focal point in your living are. Here are some most creative and awesome lamp designs.

awesome Lamp Design

GumDesign studio has displayed this awesome lamp design. It is a hanging light concept, that would certainly highlight your modern interior. This amazing lamp can be suitable to certain places, like foyer, dining room and even living room, depending on your style. This lamp was presented at the Milan Design festival, featuring its LED illumination and cool design. Considering the idea of having a hanging light, might be a thought to ponder on?

Noose Hanging Lamp is another one of these hanging lamp designs is astonishing in its minimalism and even darkness. Featuring a model of a noose, this lamp certainly provides some thoughts for contemplation. Designed by Marie Thornier, it looks rather disturbing than appealing to a viewer, although, the owner has a cynical sense of humor.

awesome Lamp Design

Cups of Tea lamp is created by Gregory Bonasera, these lamps are presenting inverted cups that add delicacy and elegance to your interior. The designer is a ceramist, which uses recycled items in his designs. Tea cups provide comfort and coziness to your interior, increasing intricacy of interior design. But most awesome of them all is the Nuke lamp by Luca Veneri. Caught in the act of explosion, this awesome table lamp looks terrific in real fluid dynamic simulation.

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