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Most Insane Wine Glassware

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Wine glasses are known for its traditional bell like shapes; however some artist enthusiasts make wine glass designs to a whole new level. This post is introducing the most insane wine glass design collection, from the lost gravity design to seven deadly sin wine collection.

Amazing wine glass collection

Insane Wine Glasses

This insane wine glass defies the law of gravity, how in the world did the artist made this design? Meet Sebastian is the designer studio behind this amazing wine glass. Unfortunately there is no secret revealed, however we know that Meet Sebastian design have been astonishing even before that. Even though the wine glass design is astonishing, it is still doubtful if it can serve its purpose.

The next in our list of the most insane designs is the collection by Etienne Meneau, and is reminscent of the branch trees or perhaps the human blood vessels. Eery and creepy, however, this collection has an amazing four legged wine glass and a set of weird branch like decaners, that look even disturbing to some unprepared eye. Whole collection is custom made and is not easily available.

Insane Wine Glasses

The last on the list of the most insane wine glass design is introducing a whole collection of astonishing glassware. Kasper Hamilton made a whole philosophical context out of his work. He desidned seven uniqe wine glasses that all stand for biblical seven deadly sins. Each glass is reminiscent of one sin, thus he has most insane wine glasses that are only distinctly remind of the wine glass. they look like a blood container for some twisted and sick mind.

Check out most insane wine glass designs:

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