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Jekyll & Hyde Unusual Chairs

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These chairs are surprising in many ways, and firstly they are from a mysterious Jekyll and Hyde collection. They portray the different aspects of the human being, the dark and light sides of the soul.

Jekyll&Hyde Chairs

Tembo and Bolt Collection

Presented at the Salone Del Mobile international exhibition, these chairs are known to be from the Jekyll and Hyde collection. Titled simple Bolt and Tembo, they strike as particularly non- threatening and not mysterious at all. What define these chairs as Jekyll and Hyde are their color choices and textures. The designers from Note Design Studio have tried to make these chairs outstanding in its minimalism and yet modern interior.

Despite their minimalism, they look like retro chairs that are designed to look futuristic. Their bold color palette is rather reminiscent of the 70’s. The Jekyll side of the chair collection is designed to be brightly colored, yet practically the same. The Hyde part of the collection looks perfectly the same, except painted all black.

Surprisingly the black and wood palette of the Jekyll and Hyde collection looks fitting into any interior. The awesome part, however is these two sides of one “personality” are looking great together in one collection. The chairs are varied not only in shapes, but also in textures. It is amusing that these chairs look exactly like twins, except their coloring. The Bolt and Tembo chairs if combined together decorate your interior design with touches of dark and bright sides of the personality.

Check out Tembo and Bolt chairs

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