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YOY Ideas: ‘Canvas’ Furniture That Looks Like Drawings

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Canvas is a furniture collection by designer and YOY design studio founder, Naoki Ono. The furniture looks like white canvas with chair and sofa drawings, and though they may look flat these furniture pieces are three-dimensional and quite functional. The range was shown at the Milan Design Week 2013 last month.

Furniture Doubles As Canvas

Canvas Furniture That Looks Like Drawings

Canvas furniture collection by YOY

The Canvas collection comprises a classic sofa, a chair and an armchair. All of the items come in a form of a canvas that was printed with black and white pictures of beautiful furniture. They can be used as artworks or can be sitted on.

The fabric that makes the ‘canvas’ is elastic so when someone is trying to sit on the drawn furniture it expands and makes an improvised seat.

The YOY design studio offers many great and whimsical ideas. For instance, they created a planter pot shaped as a book and a wall shelf that looks like a sheet of paper bent in various ways as if it was blown by the wind.

They also created a lamp that is fixed to the wall and has a layer that peels off to reveal the light. Thus it looks as if the corner of the wall itself was peeled off.

Another impressive design is a pendant light called Swing that looks like a bulb that was swinged and left a light print in motion.

These whimsical designs make it easier to create an interesting and appealing decor. Creative lighting is one of the ways to add charm to the decor but furniture is a whole other dimension. These classic pieces that can double as artworks may not be the most practical but they are still functional and they won’t trap food crumbs or other dirst in their seats. It’s all a matter of perspective.

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