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Simple Christmas Decor Ideas

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There are many ways to decorate your home in a modest simple way for Christmas. It’s also easier on the wallet too. It is a great opportunity for those who don’t like to decorate or whose kids have grown and they don’t require a big tree or garlands in each room.

Just The Tree

Simple Christmas tree

A statement tree can be all you need to create festive atmosphere in the house. You can decorate it with a few baubles if you need to tie it with the rest of the decor with color. Otherwise a tree in a basket is a genius way to bring Christmas spirit to the living room without all the glitz and glass.

Tree Alternative

Christmas tree alternative

A tree alternative isn’t just a creative way to utilize junk, it can look pretty classy too. For instance, a washi tape can make a super minimalist tree that can be easily fit into any space.

Subtle Decorations

Simple Christmas table

Subtle decorations without glitz and shine may not seem as festive but they surely are classy and will not overpower your interior. Besides you’ll need less of them and most you’ll be able to DIY so you won’t have to spend a fortune.

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