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Mirrored Chest In Home Decor

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Mirrored chest can be seen in many modern and eclectic interiors. This small (or not very) piece of furniture both functional and glamorous is also visually space-saving. Its reflective properties make a mirrored chest perfect for small homes where it can be used as a console, a nightstand, and a chest of drawers.

Mirrored Chest In Home Decor

How To Use Mirrored Chest In Home Decor

Glam Wardrobe Addition

Mirrored chests can often be seen in wardrobes and dressing rooms. They do not only bring a glamorous touch to the decor though but can be quite conveniently used as a mirror for trying on shoes.

Faceted or Smooth

Available in a variety of styles mirrored chests come with texture where the mirror is faceted and patterned as well as in smooth even designs that are better at reflecting the surroundings. The mirror can also be different. Some chests come with a worn-effect mirror which makes for shabby chic or vintage look.

What To Pair With

Complete a mirrored chest with a statement mirror or a table lamp.  A beautiful vase can also complement the reflective chest. There are many ways to use and decorate the mirrored chest. You can also create one yourself by carefully gluing the mirrors to the old chest of drawers.

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  1. mirrored dresser Says:

    I like mirrored dressers as well as mirrored chests. They are awesome and provide great value to my home interiors.

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