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Computer Chair Designs

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Since the times, when bulky computing devices have become more or less compact personal computers, they have become versatile working tool for millions of users. Now every office has computers or laptops. Accordingly, job places for office staff have also transformed: traditional office desks turned into computer desks; at the same time usual chairs have become computer chairs.

How to Choose Computer Chairs

Modern home office

Modern home office

And this is not surprising, as if think logically, an office employer is working practically without leaving his chair. Everything is literally at your fingertips: the telephone, mail, video, and so on. The first modification of a computer chair is rolling wheels, which provide maximum mobility for an office worker. It is desirable that the support base was fixed at a five star base. This makes the chair more reliable.

A good computer chair is always equipped with comfortable armrests. Some people see this nuance, as a tribute to the design. But the armrests are not only a support for the elbows. They provide the correct position of the hands, which reduces the load on the cervical spine and shoulders. Today’s manufacturers offer a wide range of office furniture models, among which we can find a universal chair with adjustable armrests, which is very convenient.

Original working space design

Original working space design

Additional adjustment systems and mechanisms are used not only for the armrests, but also for the backs of modern computer chairs. So, on the basis of individual parameters and perceptions of comfort, you can adjust the angle of the backrest relative to the seat. But here it is worth remembering that it should not be too sharp or gentle.

Now, perhaps, it is very difficult to find a computer chair, which would not be regulated by height. Even the very first models of such furniture had a special lever that allowed raising or lowering the seat.

There is another interesting “trick” used in some models of computer chairs. It is a special roller mounted between the seat and back, which provides a correct and comfortable position of the loin.

And, of course, we cannot forget about the upholstery for computer chairs. First of all, it should be made of a thick and durable fabric. Leather is ideal option, but it is certainly not cheap. Fabrics like velvet are also not suitable. They quickly lose their appearance and get wiped. Therefore give preference to such textiles that can withstand the constant load and friction. As for color, the traditional office colors are usually brown, black, blue or green.

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