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Wood Friendly Furniture: GVAL Chairs

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Are you fond of wooden furniture designs? Then check out the latest furniture design, the GVAL chairs. The design of the GVAL chair is a unique way to redecorate your living space adding a fresh look to old style décor.

gval chairs3

GVAL Chairs: new generation of furniture

The creation is attributed to Gustavo Reboredo, Louis Sicard, and Nenad Katic, working in collaboration. The GVAL chairs are three pieces furniture that can be rearranged in many forms and used by multipurpose. A perfect way to reduce the wood cutting, is repurposing, as we remember in Earth Day Design post. The two ottomans can be stored in a big hollow chair resembling piece. If you look closely, the furniture design reminds you of the tree rings. This look is attained by layering of the sheets of plywood. By this look, the GVAL chairs are a constant reminder of the age the trees live and how precious is each cut down bough.

gval chairs1.jpg

The GVAL chairs won the First prize at the Making Chairs category of the Art on Chair exhibition in Portugal. As the creators of this furniture suggest, it can be used as hip chair to sit on, or like a unique designer’s pick. So whether you need them for home or office, it would equally fit. Just look at the ways two little pieces can be rearranged in so many different ways. No doubt it is quite a refined piece of furniture.

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  1. Nelson Says:

    PLease advise where online can I purchase item?



  2. olga Says:

    Dear Nelson,
    It is best if you could seek buying options on the website of the designer, OOO MyDesign.
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