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Elements of Decor: Coffee Table

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Coffee table is multipurpose and there are so many designs of it. It is an essential element of decor because it’s simply universal. A coffee table which was also referred to as a ‘cocktail table’ has became popular in early twentieth century in America succeeding the tea tables and tea trays. In Europe the first coffee table was designed by E. W. Godwin in 1868 but it was far taller than its contemporary version.

Elements of Decor: Coffee Table

It’s said that later the coffee tables have been designed after those that were used in Ottoman Empire but most likely the idea was borrowed from Japanese low tables as the Japan style was very much favored between the 1870s and 1880s.

So what is the use for this tiny low table? Plenty. First of all anything can be put on top of it from coffee cups to magazines, plants and centerpieces. Some space-conscious designs created specially for small apartments allow you to store stuff inside the coffee table. Besides the coffee table itself is smaller than the average table but it can still be used for small family dinners or ‘picnics’.

Some of the coffee tables’ designs are so amazing and beautiful they can be used as simply an element of decor without actually serving their purpose, so beautiful they are. Small antique coffee tables heavily embellished and curved can be used in traditional luxury and Art Deco designs as interior accessories.

A coffee table is usually placed in front of the sofa and below the TV set. It can be also placed at the side of the sofa if it’s not used very often. There are many designs of coffee tables now that will suit any interior design. Some even serve unusual purposes like that of a fish tank or cat bed.

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