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Table Designs by Jason Phillips

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Jason Phillips is an award-winning designer who creates amazing furniture and decorations for interior design. Today we look at his table designs. Growing up in a family furniture business as well as traveling the world extensively Jason Phillips has got the experience and innovative approach to design that has brought him not one award. His designs are not simply beautiful but they are also interesting and fresh.

Quantum Table

Table Designs by Jason Phillips

Quantum Table “interprets what the movement or path of subatomic particles might look like”. Made of heavy gauge steel wire the base molded by hand looks real and caught in motion while powder-coated black. The lacquered orange corian top adds a bit of traditional chic to this dinner table that looks both modern creative yet classy.

Tchotchke Table

Table Designs by Jason Phillips

Tchotchke Table is madeof ordinary objects rearranged and given a porcelain-like finish that altogether makes it a truly beautiful, creative piece of furniture. Also availble in black with gold electroplating.

Stack’d Stones

Table Designs by Jason Phillips

Stack’d Stones is an amazing table with a stackable base made of stone-shaped layers that come in a variety of materials while the tabletop can be customized for specific measurements and glass or wood finish.

Droplet Tables

Table Designs by Jason Phillips

These come with drop-like legs made of lacquered wood and a pale gray graphic table top. Available in two versions – dinner and coffee table.

Platform Table

Table Designs by Jason Phillips

Platform Table is hovering just above the surface and functions as a cocktail table but it can also be rearranged and decorated with vases as in the picture and other centerpieces.

For small-spaced homes Jason Phillips has a pretty modern and creative solution Treforma Glass Nesting Tables.

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