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Compact Home Office Solutions

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No room for a home office? There are different furniture designs that provide with the working space and storage for papers and books while taking little space in the house. Such furniture is a great way of creating a working station without any hassle with space management and remodeling. Just find a place in the house to set the working station and choose a model that fits your interior design.

Compact Home Office Solutions

Trunk stations are one option at creating a home office. A trunk station is a trunk that stands vertically to provide storage space and fold down table for working on the computer. Restoration Hardware’s trunk secretary stations are stylish and have a convenient storage system that helps to organize papers and files. The trunk is equipped with the wheels which make the office mobile. It can be closed and moved elsewhere if necessary.

Compact Home Office Solutions

Storage-conscious table can also make for a great working station. The Strates system by Mathieu Lehanneur is a great example of such a desk. It has a lot of built-in shelves that are perfect for storing papers and folders.

Compact Home Office Solutions

Regular furniture can also be transformed into a working station. For instance, an old cabinet can be remade to have a space for computer while its shelves provide storage for papers. A console table can be enhanced with a couple of shelves and a ladder for storage.

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