• Greenery Around Swimming Pool

    It’s such a pleasure to have a nice swim in cool water during the heat of a summer day. Which kind of tree would you prefer lying under? And what kind of plants suit a swimming pool anyway? How to choose plants for swimming pool landscape.

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  • Lawn Decorating Ideas

    A classic lawn can look beautiful provided it is properly cared after but there is always a way to enhance the look. Lawn Decoration Ideas

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  • Sprucing Up Exterior With Flowers

    Climbing plants and vines are great for sprucing up the facade of your home, but flowers add not only greenery but also color to the exterior. Decorating Exterior With Climbing Flowers

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  • How To Create Spilled Flower Pot

    A spilled flower pot is a great way to spruce up your landscape. It’s whimsical and simply beautiful. Decorate Landscape With Spilled Flower Pot

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  • Symmetry & Order: Knot Garden

    Knot garden is a formal garden style that commonly features a square shape and boxwood hedges planted in a certain pattern. Knot Garden Design

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  • Landscaping Ideas: How To Spruce Up Outdoor Water Features

    Landscaping of water features can significantly spruce up the outdoors. Landscaping Outdoor Water Features

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  • 5 Amazing Lawn Alternatives

    A lawn is a very common and familiar landscape design for front yards and backyards alike. But its maintenance can be quite challenging and its appearance often requires some additional decorations anyway. Lawn Alternatives

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  • Landscape Design: French Garden

    French garden is a formal garden that just like Italian garden is based on principles of symmetry and order. French Garden Origin & Elements

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  • Landscape Design: English Garden

    English garden also known as English landscape park emerged in 18th century as an alternative to a formal garden. English Garden Origin & Features

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  • Grass And Tile In Garden

    Grass tile in garden design is quite popular. It makes for a creative look and adds detail to your lawn. Tile In Garden

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  • Enhancing Garden With Covered Pathways

    Pathways are not only practical but can also add a lot of character to your landscape. Covered Pathway Ideas

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  • Landscape Design: Italian Garden

    If you are looking for a sophisticated landscape design then take a look at an Italian garden. Taking its roots from ancient Roman gardens the Italian garden in turn has influenced the gardens worldwide. Italian Garden History & Features

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  • Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

    Front yard is the first thing besides the house that catches the eye so it’s important to keep it not only clean but also decorated. Sprucing Up Front Yard

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  • Landscaping Ideas: Garden Stairs

    Even the simplest garden stairs can trasform the look of your landscape and garden. Garden Stairs Design Ideas

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  • DIY Landscape Decor Ideas

    Landscaping can be costly but there are always a way to improve your landscape design without spending too much. DIY Landscaping Ideas

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  • 3 Ways To Decorate Old Tree Stumps In Garden

    Old tree stumps can become quite a nusance in the garden or a yard. They aren’t decorative and can be hard to remove requiring tools and strength. Old Tree Stumps In Garden

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  • Winter Landscaping Ideas

    Winter is the time of naked trees and lack of color and there is nothing to do with it or so it seems. Winter Landscaping

  • Japanese Garden Basics

    Japanese gardening is very unique way to recreate your outdoor space. It is not very time consuming, but a very rewarding experience. Japanese Garden ideas

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  • Japanese Stroll Garden designs

    Japanese Stroll Garden is designed specifically for those, who like long outdoor promenades. The green scenery inspires contemplating life choices in privacy of one’s own garden. Japanese Stroll Garden ideas

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