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Grass And Tile In Garden

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Grass tile in garden design is quite popular. It makes for a creative look and adds detail to your lawn. Using stone tile on grass or grass tile on stone one can create a checked pattern interchanging grass and stone. The result – beautiful lawn with stone elements. It can be used in a garden or a courtyard, it can also be used to decorate area around swimming pool.

Decorating Garden With Grass And Tile

Enhancing Garden With Covered Pathways

Artifical Grass Tile

Artificial grass tile is quite practical as it can be installed as well as removed and reused. It also doesn’t grow thus requiring no maintenance and still looks good. There is of course a debate on whether or not artifical grass should be used due to chemical and health hazards that significantly outnumber the pros such as longevity and low maintenance.

Natural Grass And Stone Tile

Stone tile on natural grass is a great combination. Of course there are maintenance issues as well as installation challenges but the end result is simply enchanting. It is a perfect combination of natural and manmade.

Stone Tile And Moss

Moss between stone tile is not a new occurance but using moss instead of grass to create a checked pattern can also work. The first picture below is agarden around the 1235 Tofuku-ji temple in Kyoto that features moss and tile in a checked pattern. Beautiful!

Stone Tile

Stone tile can be made of any stone and in any shape. If you want a checked pattern you’ll have to opt for square shape but otherwise they don’t even have to be even-sized.


Once you’ve chosen the grass or moss as well as the type of stone it’s time to pick a location. You can spruce up your patio with a checked lawn or create a swimming pool tiled lawn. Since moss can be quite slippery and requires shade it is not recommended for pathways and other areas where you will walk.

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