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Landscape Design: Italian Garden

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If you are looking for a sophisticated landscape design then take a look at an Italian garden. Taking its roots from ancient Roman gardens the Italian garden in turn has influenced the gardens worldwide. Elegant, romantic and simply beautiful an Italian garden is a perfect choice for those who want a formal look to their garden but also such features as alfresco dining.

Italian Garden Elements

Landscape Design: Italian Garden


First Italian gardens were used only for growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs but an Italian Renaissance garden brought the signature look with order and symmetry as well as architectural elements around the 15th century. Inspired by Roman gardens Italians created beautiful open green spaces for views and pleasure. If in Medival times gardens were more practical the Renaissance gardens were more enjoyable.


An Italian garden has a very distinct look as it features the geometrical shapes, order, and symmetry. The statues, fountains, pergolas, water wells and other elements are the features of a traditional Italian garden. The combination of greenery and architecture makes for a very formal and elegant look.


Shrubs and hedges are the main green elements of Italian gardens. They are planted extensively throughout the garden usually dividing the garden into symmetrical parts framing fountains or trees. The latter are sparse and are largely replaced by shrubs but often come planted in pots. Topiaries can also replace the trees.


Climbing plants like grape vines and ivy are perfect for decorating a pergola or a trellis. Herbs and fruit trees could also be found in traditional Italian gardens.

Water Wells

Stone pools are very common for Italian gardens and they usually come in rectangular shape sometimes enhanced with a statement fountain in the middle. Separate fountains are also used to enhance the look of the garden as well as add a focal point.

How To Create

To create a traditional Italian garden in your backyard you’ll need to sketch it first taking into consideration all the main features and symmetry. You can create symmetry by adding identical statues, bird baths or topiaries to the garden spaced evenly from one another. You can also create geometrical shapes with the evegreen shrubs as a signature Italian garden feature.

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