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Japanese Stroll Garden designs

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Japanese Stroll Garden is designed specifically for those, who like long outdoor promenades. The green scenery inspires contemplating life choices in privacy of one’s own garden. In this post you will known the modern and traditional techniques on how to design your very own Japanese Stroll Garden.


The Japanese Tea Ceremony Garden Designs

The Japanese Stroll Garden, Kaiyū-shiki-teien in Japanese, appeared in Japan in XVII century. Stroll garden, also called landscape garden, can be a pretty massive and expensive pleasure, so in the past the rich noble people were the happy owners of such gardens. The idea of stroll garden originated from government restrictions on traveling in medieval Japan. These promenades were prototypical journeys to the country’s attraction sites, recreated in smaller version, such as petite Mount Fuji, or Ama-no-hashidate sandbar, a famous sea side attraction. Some gardens had sights from other distant countries, that were recreated from the stories of pilgrims, going though religious journeys. The miniature sights are not appearing to be exactly like their real size original, but rather like a symbol, reminding of the actual sight.

The central component of the stroll garden is a pond, or in some cases a lake that has path around it. It might feature bridges, benches and many other aspects that might draw stroller’s attention. The path is usually made from bamboo. The sights are chosen according to your personal desires; it could be geological formations, or poetic forms; in one word – anything! You might notice, that the path is reminding the Japanese Tea Garden, but it is important to understand that the path in the stroll garden rather allows you to travel around the world, and not inside your own head.

The usual aspects of the stroll garden are path made from a smooth material, so you can walk free and allow yourself to look around; the greenery, which would soothe your worries and take your imagination to higher spheres; and sights, such as sculptures or miniatures. Some enthusiasts make a certain reward seen at the end of the promenade, thus moving forward strollers with their desire for adventure. The trick of the stroll garden is in wandering and making this promenade an exciting journey.

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