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Lawn Decorating Ideas

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A classic lawn can look beautiful provided it is properly cared after but there is always a way to enhance the look. There are quite a few decorating ideas that will help transform an ordinary lawn into a green paradise in front or behind your house.

Lawn Enhancement Ideas

Lawn Decorating Idea

Moss & Pebble Lawn Feature

Green Corridor

Create a green corridor out of trees, bushes, and flower beds leading toward your house instead of keeping the area even and covered with grass. You may require professional help for creating such landscape but if you keep trees and bushes natural, your garden maintenance bill or time will decrease significantly.

Stone Pathway

A stone pathway breaks the continueous grass texture and adds a touch of elegance to the lawn. To install stone steps, you need to outline your future path first, and then start digging out the grass and soil for setting your steps.

Multiple Levels

A multi-level lawn may seem like a hassle but if you use synthetic grass anyway, why not make it more interesting? You can create a depressed area inside your lawn to form a conversation pit or simply break the coninuous green space into different levels.

Lawn Shape

If a regular rectangular lawn seems dull to you, opt for a different shape. It can be a bean shape or a round lawn that may resemble a green meadow. You can also shape your lawn using not only live plants, but concrete, rocks, and tiles.


Gravel is often used to create contrast in textures. Grass and gravel look great together so choose a spot or a pathway to cover with gravel.


Such decorations as fountains, spilled flower pots, and other focal point items can be a great addition to a grass-covered chunk of land. Also think flower bike, bird feeder, decorated stump and other.

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