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5 Amazing Lawn Alternatives

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A lawn is a very common and familiar landscape design for front yards and backyards alike. But its maintenance can be quite challenging and its appearance often requires some additional decorations anyway. So why not transform a bland lawn that requires regular mowing for something more appealing or an alternative that requires less effort.

Great Lawn Alternatives

5 Amazing Lawn Alternatives

Grass & Tile

Using any type of grass and tile you can create patches of greenery that are easy to cut with shears or that could be left unmowed and still look great. You can eaither go for a checked pattern with this or use different-sized stone slabs in a random arrangement.

Clover Lawn

Clover is a great alternative for grass as it’s not only able to grow on bad soil but it also improves it and requires little maintenance. First of all, clover is acting as fertilizer as it fills the soil with Nitrogen then it also aerates the soil making it better. As for maintenance, clover needs little water and requires no mowing although you can cut the heads if you want to keep honeybees which it attracts away.

Clover can be mixed with other grasses or grown on its own. It doesn’t show ‘dog spots’ but it might stain clothes more than regular grass. It can also trigger allergy so be sure no one in your family has a clover allergy before planting it.


A meadow is another low-maintenance lawn alternative whith a charming natural appeal. Choose a seed mix of meadow grasses and enjoy the natural look of your lawn that requires only occasional raking and rare mowing.

Rock Garden

A rock garden is considered low-maintenance as it is composed of well, rocks and boulders and perrenials. Make sure to choose the plants that love shade if you have trees in your front yard and your rock garden locates in the shady area and on the opposite choose sun-loving plants for a rock garden that’s exposed to the sun. For a rock garden you can choose creeping thyme, ajuga, candytuft, lavender, Russian sage, or yarrow.

Paved Path & Greenery

Pave the area leading towards the house with stone slabs, gravel or tile in one word create a wide path. Plant the areas around with shrubbery, trees, moss if there is a good shade, or flower beds. This way you won’t need a lawn at all as you’ll have a combination of green and paved area.

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