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Symmetry & Order: Knot Garden

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Knot garden is a formal garden style that commonly features a square shape and boxwood hedges planted in a certain pattern. Formal garden styles bring symmetry and order into nature and knot garden is not an exception. The hedges are pruned and shaped to create a clear pattern that is best seen from above. The areas between hedge lines are filled with other plants that bring color and contrast to it or gravel.

Knot gardens can often be seen as a feature in a formal garden, where they are called parterres. Before the low hedges haven’t been used in knot garden but now a most common species of hedge plant for this type of garden is box (Buxus sempervirens).

Knot Garden Features & Elements

Symmetry & Order: Knot Garden

Knot garden decorated with statuary

Sketch It

Before starting your knot garden project you will need to determine its shape and pattern. You should take into consideration the scale of garden and available space in your backyard.

When all measurements and design were determined you can transfer your knot garden pattern to the garden and then start planting hedges along the lines.

Choose Plants

Green Suffruticosa is one of the choices for a low knot garden. Other types of plants include herbs that were traditionally used in knot gardens such as thyme, hyssop, germander, rosemary, marjoram, and many more.

Combining green hedges and colorful herbs is a good idea as your knot garden will not only be attractive but also quite practical.


Finish off a knot garden with fine gravel or a bird feeder/fountain/statue in the middle. Some kind of statuary will not only give it a focal point but will also complete the look.

To tone down the formal knot garden you can keep it among naturally growing plants. Just be sure to keep it slightly separate and keep it in shape.

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