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Landscaping Ideas: How To Spruce Up Outdoor Water Features

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Landscaping of water features can significantly spruce up the outdoors. While water features add a lot of character to the outdoors but on their own they can look less than if they were decorated with pebbles, masonry or surrounded with beautiful colorful flower beds.

Landscaping Ideas for Outdoor Water Features

Landscaping Ideas: How To Spruce Up Outdoor Water Features


Good masonry can add charm to any water feature whether it is a swimming pool or a pond. It is a great way of bringing order to the outdoors in a natural way. Stone pool coping will frame your swimming pool or pond.


Pebbles are also great for sprucing up the outdoor water features and they don’t require installation which makes them easy to use. You can place a vessel fountain on a patch of ground covered with pebbles or place them around the water feature for framing and emphasizing it.

Add Color

Add color using flower beds around your pond or even a swimming pool. You can also add color to the pond by growing lilies or koi fish.

Path/Terrace/Bridge On Water

Path, terrace or bridge installed on the water make for impressive outdoor decor. Stepping stones or wooden steps installed in the pond look as if they are floating while a terrace or deck make for a great outdoor lounge area where you can enjoy the freshness of water and green views. It’s also a great design for a small urban garden.

Water features make great accents for the outdoors but they also require the right placing and landscaping. Be sure to choose the most convenient location for the water feature and keep it in tune with the whole landscape. Ideally before adding a water feature to the landscape make sure to sketch (or have someone sketch it for you) the whole picture of the landscape to see how it will look or where you’d like to put it.

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