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Sprucing Up Exterior With Flowers

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Climbing plants and vines are great for sprucing up the facade of your home, but flowers add not only greenery but also color to the exterior. There are quite a few ways of adding flowers to the exterior. Even if you’re living in an apartment, these ideas may be useful in sprucing up your facade.

Flower-Embellished Exterior

Sprucing Up Exterior With Flowers

Green and lilac exterior

Window Flower Beds

Windows gardening is a simple and fast way to add blooms to your exterior. It is also a great way to spruce up your home if you live in an apartment building and want some individuallity in the exterior.

Annuals are great for window gardens. They are small and you can choose from such a great variation of colors. There are also other building elements that can be planted with flowers. Think entrance, visor or roof.

Balcony Gardens

A balcony gives you more space for growing flowers and other greenery. It’s also a great opportunity to add a beautiful live decoration to your exterior. Be sure to learn all the regulations pertaining to the balcony gardening and start growing perennials or maybe even small potted trees.

Climbing Plants

Climbing plants are simply great as they climb and spread accross the building, provided the right support, and give your facade a whole new look. These can include even climbing roses that will turn your house in a country cottage.

If climbing plants ramble naturally and still look good, for window and balcony gardens composition is very important. You can plant lots of greenery and blooms but they might not always look good together. A balcony garden may also look very different from the outside than it look from the inside, so first, decide whether you want the garden all for yourself or you want it to look good to passersby.

To create a great composition choose flowers that look good together in terms of size and color. Trailing blooming plants are great for decorating the exterior space as they trail down from your balcony creating more impact.

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