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Enhancing Garden With Covered Pathways

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Pathways are not only practical but can also add a lot of character to your landscape. Many gardeners and home owners are trying to make their pathways look creative and interesting but it often boils down to what materials to use. Covered pathways add a whole lot more dimension to the garden.

Garden Covered Pathways

Arched Pathway

Enhancing Garden With Covered Pathways

Arched pathway consists of multiple arches connected to each other that also serve as trellises for climbing plants that disguise the metal arches and create an ultimately romantic path that can lead from terrace into the garden or to the garden hideout.

To create such a pathway you’ll need an arched pre-built structure or several separate arches which you can install in a row and plant with bushes to fill in the space between them.

Pergola Pathway

Enhancing Garden With Covered Pathways

A pergola pathway looks like, well, an elongated pergola and it can also serve as trellis for plants which helps to create a beautiful green covered hallway.

Although these can be too dramatic and spacious for smaller home gardens they certainly look amazing.

Natural Pathway

Enhancing Garden With Covered Pathways

Natural covered (or partially covered) pathways can be created naturally although it would take much more time than building a pergola or arbour pathway. Trees planted along the path will tower over it covering the sky with their crowns.

Pathway As Hideout

A pathway can be used as a hideout and enhanced with a park-like bench. This can become your ultimate green getaway where you can read, dream and simply rest after a long day.


Before installing a covered pathway try to assess how much space you have and how much of it a covered pathway will take. This is important as small gardens can be overwhelmed with a covered pathway. If you have a big enough garden you can choose almost any location. A covered pathway can lead to the center of a garden where a fountain or an eating area are placed or it can lead from one garden area to another.

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