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Landscape Design: English Garden

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English garden also known as English landscape park emerged in 18th century as an alternative to a formal garden. In comparison to an Italian or French garden which was popular at that time in Europe English garden was more about the nature.

English Garden Features

Traditional English Garden


English garden takes its influence from the parks built around castles and palaces which were formal and in the style of French gardens as well as Chinese gardens which were very different from the formal ones. There was no strict symmetry and the trees were grown in patches rather than lines. The stone pools were replaced by natural lakes that added to the natural look.


The main feature of an English landscape garden is a lake and trees grouped in assymetrical natural way. There are also such elements as  tea-houses, pavilions, temples, gazebos, bridges, and gothic ruins. In 19th century flowers and shrubbery were reintroduced into the English garden adding color to the look which are widely used in English cottage gardens.

English Cottage Garden

How To Create

The park-style garden requires a sizable area for a lake, trees and a lawn. But an English cottage garden is perfect for small homes and owners who love flowers. Decorate walkways with gravel and plant shruberries along them. It is also common to incorporate climbing blooming plants to enhance not only garden but the house exterior as well.

Tea houses and gazebos can also be introduced into your English garden if there is enough space, but if not you can opt for statues instead. For your English cottage garden choose climbing roses, poppies, lavender, daisies and wisteria and other flowers of various colors. The abundance of different colors will create a magical view and atmosphere in your garden as well as an appealing natural landscape.

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