• Soil Clock; New Eco-Friendly Gadget

    Eco-friendly technologies enter our everyday life. Those, who are worried about environmental protection and try to bring only eco-friendly technologies into their houses, can renew their interior with another green gadget now. New eco-friendly gadget enters your life.

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  • RGB Lighting in Interior Design

    Good news from the world of innovations! A brand new technology is becoming more popular all over the world. RGB bulbs have much more advantages than the usual electric bulbs, fluorescent bulbs or halogen lamps. Why to install RGB lightning in your house.

  • Water Cleaner iRobot Scooba

    How many times have you wished to come home and find it clean and tidy? Congratulations! Your dreams came true. Not by magic, mind you. It’s all thanks to almighty science. Smart water cleaner and its excellent cleaning abilities are at your service, dear interiorholics.
    Robot water cleaner Scooba.

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  • Useful Home Office Gadgets & Accessories

    Today all you may need in a home office is a laptop and an internet connection. You don’t even have to have a landline phone unless perhaps you operate your own company. Cool Office Gadgets

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  • Smartphone-Controlled Home Gadgets

    Today if you have a smartphone there is an app for everything from shopping to learning. Smartphone-Controlled Gadgets

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  • Smartphone-Controlled Locks

    There is a lock revolution happening and the smartphones are involved. The lock is becoming another gadget in the house and it can eliminate the need for keys as we know them. Phone-Controlled Locks

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  • 8 Cool & Green Gadgets

    Once you decide to go green it’s going to affect almost every aspect of your life. This includes various gadgets for home or entertainment. Green Gadgets

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  • Eco-Friendly Washing Machine Design Concepts

    Going green is not difficult when it comes to using recyclable materials and growing gardens but efficient use of energy and water can be quite a task, especially with washing. Eco-Friendly Washing Machine Concepts

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  • Top 5 Home Fitness Equipment Desings & Concepts

    Gym equipment can be difficult to fit into a stylish decor. The only solution is to hide all the machinery, it seems. Stylish Fitness Equipment Desings & Concepts

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  • Recline Personal For Stylish Home Workout

    Recline Personal is a recumbent bike from Technogym designed by Antonio Citterio and Vitra for a stylish and quality home cardio workout. Recline Personal Bike

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  • 3 Stylish Compact Kitchen Designs

    Compactness of furniture and technology is important for small urban abodes. Compact Kitchen Designs

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  • 5 Stylish iPod Speaker Designs

    iPod docking station with a couple of stylish speakers can not only help you fill house with beautiful sounds but also add style to the decor. iPod Speaker Designs

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  • 3 Kitchen Gadgets For Cooking Holiday Dinner

    Okay, maybe you need these maybe you don’t but it’s always interesting to discover new gadgets and see how they work. Kitchen Gadgets For Holidays

  • 5 Cool Citrus Gadgets

    Citrus fruit are essential part of holiday cuisine. These are the five gadgets that can help you use citrus more effectively. Cool Citrus Gadgets

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  • Top 5 Hi Tech Workstation Designs & Concepts

    So we’ve talked about compact home offices and luxurious home offices today we’d like to share some hi tech workstations. Hi Tech Workstations

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  • Top 10 Hi Tech Chair Designs & Concepts

    Continuing the hi tech theme, we would like to talk about another furniture item in hi tech style – a chair.  Hi Tech Chairs

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  • Stick Humidifier by Knobz Design

    Humidifier is a great air-control tool that allows not only improve the air quality in your home but also become a decorative display object. Compact Stick Humidifier

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  • 4 Stylish Humidifier Designs

    Humidifier is a functional and practical thing for the home. It improves the air quality but it can also serve as a decoration. Stylish Humidifiers

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  • Stylish Jyunpai Humidifier by Asa Hirasawa

    Home appliances and air-improving technology is getting more and more elaborate design solutions. Jyunpai is a stylish humidifier designed by Asa Hirasawa. Stylish Jyunpai Humidifier

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