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Soil Clock; New Eco-Friendly Gadget

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Eco-friendly technologies enter our everyday life. Those, who are worried about environmental protection and try to bring only eco-friendly technologies into their houses, can renew their interior with another green gadget now.

Soil Clock

Soil Clock

Clock Working on Soil

Marieke Staps presents Soil Clock that works on soil and water as you might have guessed from its name. A Dutch designer used the energy of natural metabolism that occurs each moment in a live organism for producingelectric power. Brilliant, isn’t it? The only thing you have to care about is adding a little bit of water to soil from time to time.

Small wires made of zinc and copper connect the clock with moisture soil. These metals are used in a regular electric wire. So, they interact with the natural electrolytes contained in the soil minerals. Of course, this doesn’t produce much energy but it is still enough to keep small clocking working. The rest of the Soil Clock looks pretty much like any other casual clock.

Soil Clock in Interior

If you are worried about the aesthetic point of this technology don’t be. The designer recommends planting a couple of small plants into the pots, which add aesthetic points to the gadget. They will indicate when soil requires some moisturizing. Otherwise, you may run out of time.

soil-clock (1)

From the point of interiorholic’s view, Soil Clock is a nice detail for a minimalistic but eco-friendly interior design. Of course, it’s hard to speak of a substantial influence on the general look of your room. Soil Clock belong to those small but important things that altogether build your lifestyle.

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