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Industrial Chic Bathroom Design Ideas

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Industrial chic bathroom design is very much possible to create even if it’s not in the loft or other industrial style building. Create industrial style bathroom choosing the right color scheme and materials. Grays, gray whites and blues with pops of bright colors will create the right atmosphere for an industrical chic bathroom. Metals and stone are the materials to decorate with.

Industrial Chic Bathroom Design Ideas


The wall finish or lack thereof is an imporant part of the industrial style design. The brick wall is a first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the industrial style decor but one can also opt for stone tiles imitating concrete or metallic finishes to create the industrial feel in the bathroom.


What’s a better to bring in industrial streak into the bathroom design than hardware? Exposed pipes and metallic vanities are a great combination. Don’t disguise the plumbing but put in on show to create an industrial look. Find old safe or medicine cabinets and use them to store towels, bath products and organize bathroom accessories. A stone or metallic sink will be a great addition to the picture.

Industrial Chic Bathroom Design Ideas

Metallic Bathtub

Copper, brass or stone bathtub is a great way to add even more of industrial feel to the bathroom design. If these are not your materials opt for an industrial style shower again with exposed pipes, metal-framed cabin and stone wall finish. Add pipe-shaped towel holders and insudtrial-style lighting to the bathroom design to make the design look fininshed.

Industrial Chic Bathrooms:

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  1. Joss Says:

    I really enjoy the contrast of cold stone and metal with the warmer tones of copper and rusty coloured tiles. Some great inspiration. Thank you.

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