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Top 7 Home Decor Apps

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There are lots of awesome

Whatever you do: renovating, redecorating, measuring, or just planning, you should get these apps before your remodeling projects. And did I mention that all of these are free?

7 Best Apps That Will Help You Decorate Your Home

useful apps for home decor


Trying to visualize how the new furniture would look in any room in your house? This app will help you with it. It has an extensive collection of any kind of home furniture. Take a picture of a room and drag the furniture you want from app’s catalog, it will look like it’s in your room. Now you have the idea whether it would fit in your home or not.


An app that is a collection of step-by-step DIY projects from how to install windows to how to create a dip painted chair. Created by former Yahoo and Google staffers, this app will offer you easy to follow how-to articles with a bunch of pictures included. Snapguide has also lots of DIY articles on food, arts and crafts, beauty and technology.

Photo Measure Lite

It is a perfect decoration utility app that will help you keep a tab of room’s meausurements and the changes you are going to make. All you need to do is take a picture of your room and write down the measurements you have in mind. Take a photo and save it, so all of your house dimensions will always be with you.


Ever wanted to paint a room but couldn’t visualize how the new colors will look on your walls? Simply download this app and take a photo of the space that needs to be painted soon. Choose from multiple different colors and paint them virtually using your finger, see whether the chosen color suits your room or not. You can also paint furniture, fences, and houses.


Like the colors in the picture that you took? You can create color palettes from your photos using your photo library and visualize color harmonies. There are also more that 1 million palettes created and shared that you can choose from.

iHandy Level

Align and hang photos or paintings using your smartphone. Get this app to measure angles and verticality of furniture or a wall. Hold your device upright and put the device on the flat surface, then press Calibrate button. You can even calculate a roof pitch or measure the inclination of a ship, aircraft, car, or a mountain.

Dream Home

Want to built a home of your dreams? This is another awesome app for getting inspiration for home decorating. Design your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Study room using this perfect simulation app with over 300 items to place in your home.

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