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Stylish Striped Interiors

Stripes give interior a nice stylish finish. They can also be used to change the room's appearance from narrow to wide or heighten the low ceilings. The color options are limitless and can bring lots of color to the interior.

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Stripes are common in home decorating. They go well with many other patterns and can be very colorful. Stripes can be used to make the ceilings appear higher or make the room wider. The colorful stripe pattern can bring a range of various hues to the room.

Stylish Striped Interiors

Different-sized stripes add depth and detail to the walls and interior. Though they are better used in bigger spaces. The smaller rooms can benefit from vertical stripes while narrow rooms can be widened with wide horizontal stripes. There are many color options to use in striped interior from classic black and white to juicy reds and oranges to colorful rainbow-like stripes.

The walls aren’t the only area where one can use stripes. Striped fabrics can make a contrasting accent to the main color scheme and make a certain furniture item or accessory like a throw pillow stand out.

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