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RGB Lighting in Interior Design

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Good news from the world of innovations! A brand new technology is becoming more popular all over the world. RGB bulbs have much more advantages than the usual electric bulbs, fluorescent bulbs or halogen lamps.


Progressive Idea for Lighting

RGB bulbs, undoubtedly, are a new level in interior lighting. It looks like they are going to replace usual bulbs very soon. You can become one of those who will be the first to let the progress change your home design. Here are the good reasons to do that.

Less Energy, More Efficiency

RGB bulbs require much less electric energy to work while returning maximum efficiency. It is always pleasant to get a tax bill for electricity half less, than usual, isn’t it? Though they “eat” less energy, it doesn’t influence the quality of light. Moreover, this technology works much better than most of the usual bulbs used in the modern houses.

Long Lasting Bulbs

RGB bulbs survive 100, 000 hours. This equals to 10 years of continuous work, which is beyond comparison with any of the currently used bulbs. Once having installed RGB lights in your house, you will forget about them till the next renovation.

Save for Health

Another advantage is not so obvious if you are not concerned abouttechnical details. Regular electric bulb makes 100 flickers per second. Such a flicker influences your eyes in a negative way. Fluorescent and RGB bulbs shine without any flickers. And you shouldn’t be worried about your health. To my opinion – this is the most important criteria while choosing anything for your house.



RGB bulbs are completely eco-friendly. They don’t impact environment and can be recycled after they expire. Thus, by installing RGB bulbs, you significantly reduce your impact on environment.

Fashionable and Comfortable

The last, but not least, there is wide variety of ways to use them in interior design. RGB lighting gives limitless opportunities for creating individual design according to your own wish. Different colors are set by remote control for every room. Also the light can change according to natural lighting that changes through the day time.

Bring this modern technology to your interior to get rid of disadvantages of old type of lighting. It’s clear that this time it’s better to follow the progress.

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