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Home Design 3D: Redesigning Your Home the Way You Want It

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Professional interior designing can be very expensive; leaving many homeowners to attempt it themselves. Often, they rely on cheap and easy-to-use technological solutions to assist them in this quest. In a post by Architizer, they predict that there will be “radical changes” in how interior designers leverage technology, particularly smartphones apps and digital displays, in the near future.

3D home Design

Recently, smartphone usage and ownership have increased rapidly. According to a research featured by Edison Investment Research regarding Gaming Realms, the total mobile data usage has seen a growth rate of 70%. Due to the proliferation of 4G internet for smartphones and tablets, usage of mobile devices has increased further, as added by the mobile software developer of Spin Genie. The abundance of information that is now available to users through a simple browse makes technology and digital tools highly reliable and efficient solutions for everyone.

The Home Design 3D app is one of the highly recommended interior design solutions for beginners and professionals. It has a “perfect balance between ease of use and extensive features.” Redesigning, redecorating, and creating your home has never been more intuitive and quick with the help of this app. It comes with plenty floor features, from floor plan and room layouts to 3D customized design.

1. Floor plan and room layout
• Draw rooms, create openings and add small walls in 2D view
• Choice of among hundreds of home objects and pieces
• Simple drag and drop feature

2. Advanced features and sharing
• Import any hand-drawn or architectural plans
• Share plans via Dropbox
• Synchronize project with others for easier collaboration

3. Customization and 3D visits
• Upgrade the 2D view to 3D appearance using impressive photo-realistic previews
• All textures are available in 450 shades

Home Desing 3D is now available in Android and iOS devices.

At the end of the day, it’s still safe to rely on professional help and services when it comes to redesigning your home. This app can be a good start to describe to your designer how you foresee certain changes to your home. Good luck with your redesigning project!

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