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Water Cleaner iRobot Scooba

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How many times have you wished to come home and find it clean and tidy? Congratulations! Your dreams came true. Not by magic, mind you. It’s all thanks to almighty science. Smart water cleaner and its excellent cleaning abilities are at your service, dear interiorholics.

Meet Scooba

Meet Scooba

About iRobot Scooba

Scooba is a small robot water cleaner that washes your floors almost without your participation. Before the cleaning you put the water and cleaner inside the special containers, set the program and then – get yourself busy with more important matters than cleaning. Because with this cute little smart thing cleaning is not worthy of your attention anymore.

Let’s have a closer look at this wonderful gadget.

Scooba has a very compact and pleasant design. Therefore it doesn’t occupy much space at your house and can be easily kept at a drawer or simply on a shelf. As any good housemaid, it successfully disappears from a scene when its work is over.

How It Works

The area of working for this robot are all floor surfaces in your house including those covered with tiles, wood, stone or parquet. At the first stage of the cleaning Scooba sprays water around the surface. And at the same time brushes it with special cleaner. Producer says the cleaner can be bought at a special store or substituted with usual vinegar. After cleaning comes the stage of drying the surface. See – everything exactly how you would have done yourself.

Some Useful Features

Scooba is smart enough to recognize stairs. So don’t be afraid to find its pitiful remnants if you leave it alone. The area for cleaning is defined by special coordinators put around the room. With them it is possible to create virtual walls for the water cleaner. Long curtains are not problem either. Sometimes it can get trapped in cables. So, it’s better to make sure there are no such obstacles for it. There is no harm neither for Scooba nor for cables but cleaning might be failed.

Controller for Scooba

Controller for Scooba

So, it’s obvious that Scooba is quite a reasonable money investment if you never have enough free time to spend for cleaning. Generally, washing floors usually is the longest part of it. And honestly the most unpleasant one. So, leave this job for Scooba. That’s what it was designed for. Happy cleaning!

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