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Smartphone-Controlled Home Gadgets

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Today if you have a smartphone there is an app for everything from shopping to learning. Many things are tailored to be supported or synchronized with mobile devices. The home gadgets aren’t an exception. There are devices that can be controlled via smartphones and tablets, which makes us closer to the futuristic dream of an automated home.

Smartphone-Controlled Gadgets For Home

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

Smartphone-controlled locks are already available on the market and allow you to schedule guest arrivals and open or lock the doors from anywhere. You can also use the phone to send out electronic keys to friends and family and also see the person behind the door on your phone screen without using the traditional peephole.

If a perfect climate at home has always been a challenge the Nest Learning Thermostat is the gadget worth looking into. Teach, schedule, and control it to create a perfect temperature at home also while away. Answering a few basic questions allows the thermostat to adapt to your basic preferences but that’s not all. You can set the highest and lowest temperatures for your home as well as switch to Auto Away mode for when you’re not at home to save energy and save on your power bills.

Another useful phone-controlled device is Belkin WeMo plug-in that allows you to control any appliance around your house even when you’re away. Using a Wi-Fi network and the free app the plug-in can be switched on and off as well as scheduled to switch any time you need. WeMo Wi-Fi Light Switch is a more specialized gadget but you can too use smartphone to switch the lights around the house on a whim.

Pintofeed - Smartphone-Controlled Pet Feeder

Pintofeed – Smartphone-Controlled Pet Feeder

While Belkin WeMo products allow you to switch the gadgets on and off AGA iTotal Control cooker allows to control a cooking process via a phone, a tablet or even a laptop. Using text messages and a dedicated website the users can operate their modern cooker from anywhere switching on and off the ovens and zones.

Baby monitors are evolving and some can now be controlled and synchronized with your smartphone. Again Belkin offers a device that allows you to listen to your baby using only your phone.

For those who own pets there is a great gadget solution to feeding. Called Pintofeed this bowl alternative is a high-tech way to offer your dog or cat a precise serving of food just by pressing a button on your phone.

Even your plants’ eco-system could be phone-controlled. Though a prototype Samuel Wilkinson’s brilliant Biome terrarium offers an easy controlled environment to grow your favorite greens.

Do you use any smartphone-controlled devices at home? How do you like them?

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