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Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets & Products

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There are probably more gadget designs for kitchen than any other room out there. Many interesting designs and ideas lead or come out of the kitchen. But here we wanted to assemble the most useful kitcheware that we could picture ourselves using.

New toys are just as exciting for adults as they are for kids but let’s be honest, how many new gadgets have you really used? Most of them are either gathering dust in your storage or have been sold in a garage sale practically new.

Useful Kitchenware

All those curious devices that help you cook eggs may be fun for a while but do you really need a separate device for boiling eggs? Here are some better ways to spend your dollars for ancillary kitchen gadgets.


Countertop by Orange Chef

Countertop by Orange Chef is really only a cutting board that also doubles as a scale. Pretty useful, huh? It can sync with your fitness band and even some of the kitchen device you may already have (Vitamix blender for one) but that’s all just gizmo hype really. What made us interested is the scale part and automatic food logging. We’re not sure how the latter works exactly but the creators say the device “learns” and becomes “smarter” over time.

Sensor Trash Can

45 litre semi-round sensor can

Simply called 45 litre semi-round sensor can this automatic trash can from Simple Human opens up to a wave from any angle, which makes it easy and clean to dispose of pieces of produce and any other trash. Using special technology creators made sure the can doesn’t open to your every movement. It’s also easy to change the liners and the trim ring makes sure they don’t slip.

Cube Tube

Cube Tube

Ah, the cube tray. It’s a challenge in its own right to fill it up and not spill half on a way to the freezer. Cube tube is a glass tube that fills up nicely with water and a special divider that forms the ice cubes. When the freezing’s done just pull it out to release the cubes into a glass. No escaping cubes, no spillage, no refills.

If you really need to cook a quick dinner with lots of ingredients then a pan or pot divider can be of use. Some even offer baking dish with multiple compartments for making a complex meal in half the time.

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