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OLO Connects With Your Smartphone To Make Affordable 3D Printer

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3D printing is becoming more and more widespread and not only in design. It’s widely used in medicine and all kinds of other areas. But Filippo Moroni and Pietro Gabriele believe everyone should be able to 3D print whatever they want. So they came up with OLO a small smartphone-sized 3D printer that turns your phone into a processor (with an app) and prints sweet little nothings like pendants, rings, little interior objects if you will. Using resins of various colors and textures you can print small objects using Android, Windows, or iOS.

OLO The Affordable 3D Printer

To print something all you need to do is to choose a desired design from your phone app or scan an object yourself. You can also use 3D software to design your own thing. You can also text designs for others to print and even make it a surprise that is only revealed once printed.

While the OLO Kickstarter campaign aimed to gather $80,000, the creators have received almost $2,5 million from over 16, 000 backers. The printer itself turned out pretty affordable at $79 for an early bird and $99 for a Kickstarter bird plus resin. You have only 10 hours left to get yours, but we hope the creators will put it on the market after the campaign as well.

OLO 3D printer and resins
Colorful resins may vary in density

OLO 3D printer
OLO is a smartphone-shaped box

OLO 3D printer scale
OLO scale

3D-printed with OLO
Printed with OLO

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