• 3 Furnishing Problems That Can Be Solved With Paint

    Paint isn’t just for changing the color of walls. It can be that and so much more. More Paint Ideas for Home

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  • Doorway Wall Storage Solution For Small Spaces

    Doorway wall storage can make so much room for something else in the room. It is also a perfect way to organize your library, souvenir collection, or even kitchenware. Storage Solution For Small Spaces

  • How to Decorate Rack or Shelves

    Racks or shelves decoration is not so much related to the interior design, but to decorating art. That is, actually, what we may do in our own free time. It is not right to consider racks as just a functional furniture items. See how to decorate shelves

  • Curious Shelving System: KLAFFI-hylly

    KLAFFI-hylly designed by Eeva Lithovius is a curious shelving system with drop down shelves that can be retracted minimizing the space the shelving occupies in the room. (more…)

  • Smartsquare Modular Shelving by Pietro Russomanno

    Smartsquare is a modular shelving system designed by Pietro Russomanno. Modular Smartsquare Shelving

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  • Tips On Shoe Organizing

    There are plenty of ways to organize shoes. They can be stored in closets, shelves, racks and other shoe storage systems. How to Organize Shoe Collection

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  • Use Staircases For Additional Storage Space

    Small spaces can be quite intimate but they have a major apparent downside – lack of space, so any opportunity to enhance your storage space should be used. Staircases Additional Storage Space

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