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House in Tahoe Style

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You have probably heard about the Tahoe Lake region. The region that can be called one of the most beautiful and scenic areas around the world is located in California, USA. Tahoe style is also called mountain style and it is not only a style of interior decorating but it is an entire philosophy.

How to Design House in Tahoe Style

Wooden house in Tahoe style

Wooden house in Tahoe style

Your conscious intentions and a sense of the world can literally transform your living space. You can turn the negative energy surrounding you into harmony, and create beauty around you that is not just visible to the eye, but is also felt.

Tahoe Style area combines various folk styles and different furniture, in conditions of maximum use of wood. So you can use your imagination to design a new home interior in this style.

Tahoe style in home interior

Tahoe style in home interior

First collect pictures from magazines, catalogs or brochures, and combine them into one idea. Consider the right color schemes. Illustrate your ideas.

Furniture and home decorating in Tahoe style resembles country style. Abundance of wood trim fills the house with warmth, in the truest sense of the word. Designers and architects use wood in Tahoe style for almost everything. There are wooden ceilings and floors, walls and stands. Wooden staircase and kitchen furniture create a healthy atmosphere in the house.

Tahoe style in home interior

Tahoe style in home interior

There is also a single color solution: the following three colors combine perfectly together: black, golden-orange, and white. Try to create an ensemble in the interior of the house in Tahoe style, as well as in its exterior, to make your house cozy.

The house in Tahoe style should be surrounded by forest, which will greatly complement the house in combination with its wood interior trim.

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