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Curious Shelving System: KLAFFI-hylly

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KLAFFI-hylly designed by Eeva Lithovius is a curious shelving system with drop down shelves that can be retracted minimizing the space the shelving occupies in the room. Small space-friendly shelving is a great solution when there are many books or other things to store. The shelving is quite thin which makes it qute a space-conscious piece.

Curious Shelving System: KLAFFI-hylly

KLAFFI-hylly Shelving System

KLAFFI-hylly comes in a tall slim shape with drop down shelves but it can be enhanced with more matching or differently-colored shelves to create a whole storage-friendly wall. The shelving systems come in black, white and two-toned wooden finish.

The KLAFFI-hylly system also comes in brighter colors like blue and orange and are made of oak and ash wood. The different colors allow making a color arrangement of your own. KLAFFI-hylly is great for not only decluttering the space but also serve as a wall decor. Arrange books, CDs and other items in a stylish uncluttered way and it will function as a storage-friendly, functional wall decor.

The KLAFFI-hylly’s design is very fortunate as it allows users choose which shelves to use without leaving them empty since they are retractable. Thus the shelving looks airy and once the items are used or disposed of the shelves wont’t occupy much space in the house till something else needs storage.

Curious Shelving System: KLAFFI-hylly

This is also a great small home office storage solution. The slim shelving can be used for storing files, books, and other small things. As well in the kitchen the shelving unit can be of great use for storing or displaying jars, bowls and dishes.

The system can be found in Elsa store in Finland as well as at Finnish Design Shop online. The price for the shelving ranges from  € 310 to € 500 depending on materials and size.

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