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Doorway Wall Storage Solution For Small Spaces

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Doorway wall storage can make so much room for something else in the room. It is also a perfect way to organize your library, souvenir collection, or even kitchenware. It’s also not necesserily a small space-only storage solution. You can use it simply because it is a nice way to get shelving from occupying a lot of floor space.

Doorway library wall

Library wall

The beauty of this solution is that you can custom build open shelving for anything, of any size, and only use minimum of space required. We love the idea of this in a kitchen. Whether you’re doing it on the inside or outside, it’s still less space-consuming than cabinets.

Choosing a room for this wall storage is quite easy, it is usually the living room or a kitchen that require some storage space for books or display objects. You can also choose to do it in a hallway if space allows.

Wall divider

Display wall

There is also a way to build an open shelving storage wall in a wide doorway as both a divider and a display case. In the example above it is also used as a bookcase thanks to its size.

Also if you have enough space and a wide enough doorway you can build cabinets instead of open shelving. It is more traditional and can look very decorative.

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