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3 Furnishing Problems That Can Be Solved With Paint

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Paint isn’t just for changing the color of walls. It can be that and so much more. For instance, some furnishings are too expensive or too small for the decor. Paint can solve both of these problems.

Fireplace is one of the most expensive features, but you can buy a mantel molding and paint it or you can give your built-in fireplace a little definition.


You can also add dimension to a floating shelf by giving it a bit of background. This one has so much more presence that it would if it was just a floating shelf on a blank wall.


Finally, a headboard can set you back a few hundred dollars but if you don’t have the money, you can simply fake it and paint it on a wall. And since it’s not chalk it won’t dust over your precious bedding.


There are many more creative ways to use paint. What are yours?

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