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Grunge Style in Interior Design

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At the sight of the interior in the style of grunge we recall old movies about family estates. Grunge style in interior design stands out from other design styles and successfully combines simplicity, elegance and comfort. This is no place for an artsy interior luxury, but it is not provincialism.

Grunge Style in Interior Design: Get Rid of Frills

A house in grunge style

 House in grunge style

Grunge is a style, uniting so brilliantly simple provincial comfort, nice looking European elegance and sublime desire for simple and leisurely life without fuss.

This interior do not necessarily include antique furniture and objects, and do not even need them. Indeed, the very idea of ​​grunge style in the interior lies in replacing expensive items with more affordable, but of sufficient quality. This creates a space of classical type, but just a little easier.

Simple and expressive details bring some zest to the classic frilly, striving to create the grunge style. Grunge style in interior perfectly combine modern furnishings with older, sometimes those which are even specially aged. Generally artificially aged furniture are inherent in the grunge style.

Classic style is at the heart of the grange style. But here it is devoid of unnecessary pomp, sophisticated decor and architectural delights. Furniture and furnishings look old and aged. You can see here various bookcases, secretaries, sofas with round legs, and family photos or pictures in a vintage framework, etc. All of this will last a long time in any interior. Such items are beyond the change of seasons, comfortable and functional. A house in grunge style can have a round dining table, where the whole family gets together for dinner, large bookcases, library, comfy sofas on legs and armchairs.

Grunge style in interior is respectable, comfortable and functional. Furniture and accessories have a long life. Therefore it is preferable to the use wood, linen and cotton of high quality.

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