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Use Staircases For Additional Storage Space

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Small spaces can be quite intimate but they have a major apparent downside – lack of space, so any opportunity to enhance your storage space should be used. Storing stuff in staircases is becoming more and more popular as people seek more and more ways to enhance their living space and enjoy comfort of a bigger home. The most popular way of storing things in a staircase is using the space under it. There are many ways of using that additional space for storage:

Use Staircases For Additional Storage Space


Shelving under the staircase is a great way to store books, dishes, and other things. These can be put on display alongside accessories and decorative objects that can decorate and enhance the room design. If the staircase is wide and the space under it is hollow you can create a little hideaway or office with shelving there. The built-in shelving and desk can be a great way to save space and make a great organized office.


You can also use built-in drawers that allow storing such things as clothes, footwear and other stuff that are not for display. These can be of various shapes for bigger and smaller objects you wish to store. This is a great way to free your wardrobe of winter or summer clothes as the seasons change.

Stair Drawers

Another way to use stairs is to build in the drawers into the steps. There you can also store footwear and other things. Just imagine how many drawers you can have within one staircase in a two-story house.

There are also staircases with built-in shelving you can find on the market. These are great multifunctional things that can enhance your storage space and add an interesting look to the room.

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